SUP Experience in Lake Biwa

Explore the surrounding area of the Otorii Gate of the Shirahige Shrine

~Most popular photogenic view!~

Welcome to Shirahige SUP. This is an outdoor recreation that involves standing on a paddleboard and exploring the lake around the Otorii gate of the Shirahige Shrine. The shrine gate is located in Lake Biwa, and you can take perfect pictures for your social media! This amazing view point can be reached in one hour from Kyoto. 

Enjoy SUP with us! We are available for same-day and previous-day reservation.

SUP stands for “Stand Up Paddle” and where you stand on a board and use a paddle to propel yourself through the water. 

You can go through the gate of the Shirahige Shrine, which is also famous as a hidden and scenic spot in Lake Biwa! 

The large shrine gate, which is also known as “Itsukushima Shrine of Omi” looks like it is floating on the lake.  With crystal clear water, you will feel very nice to float on the water with SUP as well.

In the beautiful scenery, our instructors will shoot wonderful photos of your experience. Don’t forget to receive photos after the experience and please share it on Instagram or other social media with hashtags #ShirahigeSUP #shirahigesup!


How the session runs:

・ Reception

The reception of Shirahige SUP is at Shirahige Beach (Shirahige Beach Campsite), marked by large white camping tents close to the Shirahige Shrine side.

There is also a changing room in the facility. Please change clothes and come to the reception 5 minutes early.

・ Prior explanation

Before heading to the lake, the instructor will explain to you the course and teach you the basic skills (how to ride the board, control your body, and use the paddle).

・ Departing for Otorii gate of Shirahige Shrine!

We will start to ride the board on the water and practice. After the practice, we will depart for Otorii gate of Shirahige Shrine. The instructor will guide you as you can get used to SUP
. Let’s take in the amazing power of the vast Lake Biwa and its beautiful scenery!

・ Arriving at the Otorii gate of Shirahige Shrine and taking commemorative photos

It is time for taking pictures of the beautiful scenery! 

We will paddle through the Otorii gate on the mysterious Lake Biwa, and take photos in front of the torii gate! 

The instructor will take a lot of photos during the experience and send it to you later by e-mail or AirDrop if you have a iPhone.

Take pictures of the experience and the beautiful scenery.

Please feel free to use the photos and upload them on your social media. 

Don’t forget to put the hashtags “#ShirahigeSUP”!

・ Free time around Otorii gate

Let’s stop the board on the private beach located around the Otorii gate. 

It is also possible to have a prayer experience at the Shirahige Shrine. 

You can see countless fish flocks when you look at the beautiful clear water. 

You also have time to enjoy the scenery by slowly paddling your board, practice the turning technique, paddle around to explore the area, or even try SUP Yoga. 

Some people ask their friends to compete or play some games on the board with one another.

・ Heading back to Shirahige Beach

After free time, we will head back to the Shirahige beach, which is our starting point. 

We will paddle through the beautiful lake while watching its beautiful scenery. 

We hope that everybody gets better at SUP on the way back!


Finally, we are going to arrive at Shirahige Beach! 

We expect you to have had a good exercise, especially improving your core and body balance. More importantly, we hope you enjoy the entire experience!

SUP Experience Schedule

9:00 am – 11:00 am (2 hours)

12 pm – 2:00 pm (2 hours)

2:30 pm – 4:30 pm (2 hours)

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm (2 hours) **ONLY in July and August

Instagram follower Price: ¥5,000 per person – 2 hours
* If the representative or someone who is accompanying you is following, you will be eligible.
Of course, if you have an account, I would be very grateful if you could follow everyone!

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General Price: ¥5,500 per person – 2 hours

  • Reservation is required (It is available to make a booking on the same day, but we recommend you make a booking earlier.)
  • We will inform you of the schedule after making a reservation.
  • All experiences are available with a big group. Please let us know how many people you will have.
  • SUP experience is great for all kind of people or groups including solo trip, couples, family groups, and friends’ groups. 

Location: At Shirahige Beach

  • Shirahige Beach has beautiful white sand, green pines, and very clear water.
  • You can enjoy swimming and having a BBQ with beautiful nature. 
  • You can also camp and even stay overnight in bungalows!
  • During the summer from July 1st to August 31st, there is a cafeteria to buy some snacks and also you can get everything you need for a BBQ at the beach.

Shirahige Beach (Shirahige Beach Swimming / Campground)

1091 Ukawa, Takashima, Shiga 520-1122

Parking fee: ¥1000 per car for 1 day  **Parking is available up to 250 cars

Facility fee: ¥500 per person – Changing rooms, Restroom, Shower, Water supply included


By Train

20 minutes walking from JR Kosei Line Omi-Takashima station

By Car

From Meishin Kyoto South Interchange (about 55 minutes)

From Meishin · Kyoto East Interchange (about 45 minutes)

  • On Saturday, Sunday and other holidays traffic jams are expected. Please make a plan to come to Shirahige beach with extra time. 
  • When you are coming from Kyoto, it is always crowded around “Shimosakamoto IC” to “Sakamoto-kita IC”. So please get off a highway at “Shimosakamoto IC” once to avoid traffic jams, and then return to the highway from “Sakamoto-kita IC.”